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"Home Sweet Home" Look for these critters this

WOW! Science Camp



Red-eyed Tree Frog


Doesn't this little tree frog look sleepy and a bit boring? Just call her name: "Cha Cha, Wake Up!" WOW! Look at her now! Those big red eyes and feet are enough to scare any predator away!

My name is Cha Cha and I live in the rain forest. Some birds might even think that I am a Poison Dart Frog. No smart bird eats one of those because they taste so bitter.

I like to eat crickets. My beautiful colors make me one of the prettiest frogs in the rain forest! Thank-you God for making me so pretty! Do you see my blue legs?





We are from an island off the coast of Africa called Madagascar. To protect ourselves, we hiss by releasing air from our body. We may look scary, but if you look at our little bitty heads, we are kinda cute! We walk with our head tucked under our body because we want to protect it. And, that makes us look scarier! We love to eat rotten fruit like bananas and we also enjoy dog food. Woof!


Corn Snake


I am Amy the Corn snake and I am 3 years old. Do you like my beautiful orange skin? I molt off my skin because it gets kind of old and ugly. So I get rid of it! It gets a little tight, too. When I molt, my skin comes off starting at my nose. By the time it reaches my tail, it is completely inside out.

I am called a Corn snake because farmers used to find snakes like me in their corn fields. They would kill us because they thought we ate the corn. NO WAY! Then, they had less corn. Can you figure out why? It was a mystery! (The mice population grew and they ate all the corn!)

When I eat a mouse, I open my jaws all the way. Then I unhook them at the joint and open them double. It is like you trying to swallow a whole apple! I don't eat mice the size of my mouth. I eat mice the size of the widest part of my body!






Turns into a beautiful Regal Moth!






I am an animal known as an invertebrate. That means I have no bones. For protection, I have a hard outer shell called an exoskeleton. My name is "Milly", and I am from the rain forest. I love to eat lettuce.

I have tiny mites that live on my body. They are bugs that are smaller than the tip of a pin! I would die without the mites and the mites would die without me. They help to keep me clean by eating bacteria and other small things. I keep the mites alive by allowing them to live on me. This type of relationship is called symbiosis. That means that two animals need each other to survive. Awesome!






I am from Africa and I like to eat crickets. I have a big stinger on my tail. OUCH!! It would not kill a person, but it sure would hurt. Under a black light, I look green. Can you see the greenish pigment in my exoskeleton? I use my pinchers to catch crickets. Then, my mouth eats the cricket. YUM!

Last summer, I had 6 white babies that lived on my back. I ate several of them and got in a lot of trouble with Ms. Barbara! I thought they were a threat to me and might try to eat MY crickets! And, I don't like to share!





My name is Scotty. I am a lop eared bunny and I am 3 years old.

Carrotts and lettuce upset rabbits' tummies. Bugs Bunny has not been a good example on what to feed bunnies. I live outside at Ms. Barbara's house and I eat little pellets that contain food, vitamins, and minerals to keep me healthy.

I like to be rubbed behind my ears. It feels good! Can you tell that my best sense is my sense of hearing? It is pretty obvious! God gave me good ears to hear with!



WOW! Science Camp 2018:
Session I: June 25-29 from 9-12pm
Session II: June 25-29 from 1:30-4:30pm

Session III: July 9-13 from 9-12pm
Session IV: July 9-13 from 1:30-4:30pm

Tuition $150 per child

Registration begins
March 1, 2018!
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