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Professional Development Information:

Barbara Cargill, director of Wonders of the Woodlands Science Camp and Registered Trainer for The Texas Early Childhood Professional Developmental System, helps teachers enhance and supplement their science curriculum with fresh, innovative ideas. Barbara earned a Master degree in science education, and has been offering teacher professional developments for over 20 years. She loves to help preschool and elementary teachers improve or refresh their science curriculum. All professional developments can be adapted as shorter 1-hour sessions or up to as long as 3-hour sessions. Many of the ideas offered are easy to incorporate into other subjects such as math and reading. As much as children love science, it is easy incorporate science to teach a variety of subjects!





Cost is dependent on the number of teachers, length of the professional development, and location. I want to help your teachers love teaching science! Please contact me and we can determine the fee: Barbara Cargill In addition, I can develop new topics if requested. Please let me know if you want references about my professional developments from teachers and directors.

Outreach Program and Science Classes Information:

WOW! Science Camp comes to your school to present “Awesome Animals.” We have been doing this for years and the kids LOVE the critters! We can visit individual classes or show the animals to larger groups of several classes at once. This is an in-house field trip that comes to you! Presentations are hands-on and include a salamander, White’s tree frog (he croaks for the kids on demand), leopard gecko, tarantula (no touching), Madagascar hissing cockroaches, and snakes (Milk snake & Kenyan Sand Boa) and various specimens such as amazing animal bones and skins. Animal safety is taught and children love learning the animals’ names and characteristics, as well as funny stories about them!

In addition we have a team of certified teachers who teach after-school classes at many schools. Classes may be taught weekly or may be scheduled to fit your school’s needs. Cost for Outreach Programs and Science Classes is determined by the number of students, location, and length of the presentation(s) or classes. For more information about WOW! Science Camp and its Outreach Programs and extracurricular science classes please contact Barbara Cargill at


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