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Responsibilities of Assistant Teachers:

1.  Agree to work diligently and responsibly with the lead teacher.
2.  Support WOW!’s philosophy of teaching science from a Christian perspective.
3.  Attend the camp set-up day for the session she/he is working.
4.  Meet her/his lead teacher and assist in getting ready for camp the next week.
5.  Arrive 30 minutes before camp starts and stay 30 minutes after camp is over to assist lead teacher in preparing for the next class.
6.  You may assist in the same class that your child is in (if your child can share Mom/Dad with other children).


Sessions I and II: June 26- June 30
Mandatory Asst. Teacher Training:

June 24
Meeting in Jonah’s Island Room  

Sessions III and IV: July 11-15
Mandatory Asst. Teacher Training:

July 9
Meeting in Jonah’s Island Room


Information about being an Assistant Teacher:

    - Assist the lead teacher in working with children, preparing materials, cleaning the room, and outside activities.
    - Assist the lead teacher with assigned tasks, daily plans, and keeping the camp philosophy.
    - Assist in caring for rooms, equipment and shared space.
    - During the beginning and ending of each class day, engage the children in activities while the lead teacher serves as the greeter at the door.
    - Allow the lead teacher to do the teaching but lovingly guide the campers during a fun filled week!
    - Encourage the lead teacher and be her number one fan during WOW! Science Camp!


Assistant Teachers’ work hours:

Morning Sessions (I and III):
8:30am – 12:30pm

Afternoon Sessions (II and IV):
1:00pm – 5:00pm

2017 Salary:

- Assistant Teachers with campers will receive one free tuition, guaranteed preferential placement for all of their children and a camp t-shirt.

- Assistant Teachers without campers will receive a paycheck equivalent to that of one free tuition and a camp t-shirt.

Other information:

We invite you to sign up to be an Assistant Teacher! If interested,
please contact Amy Jones or call 281-297-5948 as soon as possible.



WOW! Science Camp 2017:
Session I: June 26- June 30 from 9-12pm
Session II: June 26- June 30 from 1:30-4:30pm

Session III: July 10-14 from 9-12pm
Session IV: July 10-14 from 1:30-4:30pm

Tuition is $130 per child

Registration is April 4, 2017