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WOW! Science Camp
is a Summer Science Program and outreach ministry of The Woodlands United Methodist Church
in The Woodlands, Texas. Our goal is to instill in children a love and appreciation for
nature, science, and the God-given diversities of the world in which we live.

Campers will enjoy hands-on experiments, games, centers and activities about the following topics:

"Wonders of the World":
Invertebrates, Vertebrates,
Plants, Ecology, Water


The wonderful world of invertebrates opens up to children in this curriculum.  Students will go on a habitat hunt outside and learn how to collect insects safely.  Setting up pitfall traps and painting bug bait on trees is a sure way to attract insects for observation.  Invertebrate life cycles can be predicted and measured in the classroom.  Experiments and activities with invertebrates such as snails, spiders, and earthworms are also carried out.   




Explore the fascinating world of vertebrate animals in this interactive session!  Children will learn about the different classes of animals and will see and touch specimens from each animal class.  Living versus nonliving, animal body structure, social structure, habitats, and animal defenses are among some of the topics.  Animal games help children understand the characteristics of various creatures and how they can help them to survive. 



What could possibly be fun about plants?  Try out some favorites from this curriculum and help children become excited about their green friends!  Many experiments are set up outside that can be evaluated daily.  Did you know that we can measure how much plants “sweat”?  How old is a tree and how does it make its food?  What lives in or near the tree?  Plant studies can be really fun!




This is not just another “take care of the earth” curriculum. Children learn practical ways to impart their role as caretakers of the earth.  They learn the “hows” and “whys” of recycling by using classification skills.  Recycling games and experiments further emphasize the importance of not simply throwing everything away! Campers will gain new ideas about the importance of animal habitats and experiment with decomposition.  What toys can be made with things that might otherwise be discarded? 



Water, water everywhere!  Come and explore the importance of water and how it affects people, plants, animals, and the weather.  We will study the different states of water.  Campers will experiment in making a water volcano erupt, make bubble machines, and perform experiments about the water cycle.  Making clouds, doing boat races, and floating or sinking experiments offer wonderful comparisons about the properties of water. 


     Barbara Cargill 
WOW! Science Camp director




WOW! Science Camp 2021: