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Welcome to WOW! Science Camp Registration 2019
"Wonders of The World" - It's Our 25th Anniversary!


Please read the following as we have moved over to a new registration system this year.

  • The registration site looks slightly different with a slightly different session selection process.  
  • Please choose your child's group according to the grade they will be completing this current school year(preschool/pre-k,  kinder-1st,  2nd-4th).  These 3 groupings will be listed for each of the sessions. 
  • If you have multiple children that you are registering, you can select all of their sessions from the first page and they will be placed in your "cart".  Then you will be prompted to enter information for each child.  After the first child is entered click on "AUTO FILL" at the top of additional children's info pages to have most info filled in for you.
  • If you DO NOT receive an email confirmation first check your spam/junk mail then contact us at registrar@wowsciencecamp.com if it is not there.
  • This camp is designed for children 3 ½ (must have turned 3 before January 1, 2017)  -  4th grade graduates.  (We highly recommend that 3 ½ year olds be completely potty trained and have prior Sunday school or preschool experience.)
  • All 4 camp sessions are exactly the same.  Therefore campers will only be allowed to be registered in one session.
  • Please visit our FAQ page at http://www.wowsciencecamp.com/faq.html for additional information
  • Children are placed in classes based on age/grade.  We cannot individually place and guarantee friends in the same classes, so please encourage your child to make new friends at camp!
  • Please have your payment and insurance information available to proceed to registration.

Note: Due to the amount of registrants you may have a waiting time. Follow the user friendly instructions to register.  Do not hit the back button.  If you have any problems with registration, error messages or internet connection failure from your location we ask that you wait a little while and try again. The site will be monitored throughout the day. If there are issues, they will be addressed immediately. 

I agree to allow WOW! Science camp to use any photos taken during camp as marketing material for their online and print advertising.

Register before April 1, 2019 to recieve a $10 early bird discount.



WOW! Science Camp 2019:
Session I: June 24-28 from 9-12pm
Session II: June 24-28 from 1:30-4:30pm

Session III: July 8-12 from 9-12pm
Session IV: July 8-12 from 1:30-4:30pm

Registration begins
March 1, 2019
Register Early!